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Silhouettes of the Crowds

Welcome to the GRT Network

GRT Network, Inc. (GRT) has created, developed and legitimized the extreme sport of Freestyle Trampoline; an entirely separate category from Olympic Traditional Trampoline. Successfully nurturing the global grassroots community of hundreds of thousands of “flippers” with unique education, an all-inclusive yet disruptive and compelling competition structure and associated virtual and Esports offerings.


GRT, by creating the Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA), has revolutionized this enormous section of the traditional gymnastics industry into a global professional athletic platform; including the world's first Freestyle Trampoline World Championships to be held in London, UK in 2022 and a new Esports and virtual gaming enterprise known as GRT ProFlipper. 

Our Story

GRT (Greg Roe Trampoline) is a global action sports brand that boasts a wide range of offerings in the acrobatic market, inclusing education and training, live events, esports and gaming. Founder, Greg Roe, created both the Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA) and the world's first Freestyle Trampoline World Championships, as a way to legitimize and popularize the new sport of freestyle trampoline, also called 'GTramp' (Garden Trampoline). Still its infancy, this new action sport competition is set to become the pinnacle of events for this emerging new community of extreme athletes.  The FTA World Championships is a competition where the best freestyle trampoline athletes in the world see who has the most Creative, Difficult and best Executed combos on a EUROTRAMP™ Freestyle Trampoline. 


This Action Sports counter culture movement, much like skateboarding in the 70s, is shaking up a 125-year-old stagnant traditional trampoline industry by capitalizing on the explosion of trampoline parks worldwide and the widespread influence of social media. GRT has taken an amateur sport and professionalized it for the mainstream culture. Coined the “Sport Born On Instagram” this movement is a community of young athletes who are creating a global sports movement.


Greg Roe is now setting his sites on opening the first corporate owned, state of the art training centre, which is become a global franchise.  His unique training methods and background in both sports psychology and kinesiology, has allowed him to create a one of a kind training model that allows athletes to put training safely into their own hands, not relying on a coach every step of the way. This 'hands-off' approach means athletes can learn at a faster yet safer rate, and retain their skills much longer.  Perfect for all sports that have an acrobatic level, Roe has been teaching this methodology around the world and perfecting his methods for over 10 years.  

Roe, a Former National Team Canadian Trampolinist who is known in the acrobatic world for his insane stunts on social media, as well as his appearances on popular TV shows such as America's Got Talent will MC and co-host the event. Roe is a well known influencer in both the traditional and freestyle trampoline community. He is internationally recognized for his education programs and as the ambassador of freestyle trampoline, partnering with many trampoline brands to bring awareness to the sport and hosting many competitions around the world.  While encouraging the sport of trampoline he has created a style that mixes complex acrobatic and physiological principals and developed them into a unique fun and easily applied coaching style which is celebrated throughout the International competitions he helps to coordinate.


Trish McGeer, a sports marketing specialist, partnered with Roe in 2014 to help bring his talent and the new sport of freestle trampoline to the mainstream media.  Trish has 20 years in event planning and management, as well as marketing and was the former Team Manager for the Subaru Canada Rally Team, where she secured the sport’s first National sponsorship and first multi-year television contract with The Sports Network (TSN) in Canada. In 2002 she founded inGear Productions, a global digital marketing agency which now co-produces television documentaries and content creation for a wide variety of sports brands. 

GRT invites you to explore the possibilities of this new franchise model and join us as either an investor or an franchisee. 


Together we can make history! 


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+1 647 524 6320

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